Sunday, January 3, 2016

Into The New Year 2016

Dear Friends,

Do you have New Year's resolutions? I am torn about my need to make one this year. Ha ha. I make it sound like a huge life decision. I know it is not. Remember last year I made The Brutally Honest Journal. I remember sitting and creating that journal and indeed I kept it all year, though I did slack off greatly after opening the shop. Opening a shop is a busy thing! And speaking of the shop, here are some recent images.

Pretty pot of half curtain rods sits in the garden. Yes peeps. If you see the ones with the lovely crystal-like ends, they are cute in the garden!!

Pretty pink arrangement.

My latest creation hangs in front of the caboose in a little patio scenario. I will try to take some pictures of the chairs and table that I have been dragging out for display.

Inside the shop -- vintage containers, a dark castle and a sweet hat.

The top of a linen jacket I made: shirt turned jacket, added bling.

Love this page from a vintage how-to-paint book in the shop. This painting by Paul de Longpre.

It is overwhelming to think about all of the photos that I need to scan. I have oodles. This is one of them. Would you just look at the ornate hat! Is that feathers? And flowers? And how about her collar?

On a totally different note from the shop, I rang in the New Year listening to some fabulous music! That is Jason on the left. I hope it is a sign of what is to come -- learning more and more about the guitar in 2016.

With that I will say good bye for now. I have enjoyed a wonderful day with my mom, Henny Penny, today.

Currently I am working on more of the garden spot in front of the caboose. I have a metal bed frame that is about to be painted pale pink. Well, at least the headboard. I bought the COOLEST cast head/shoulders for inside the shop. OMGOODNESS!! You will have to see it soon. Looks like cement but not that heavy. It is so awesome. I promise to share pictures soon. Stay tuned.

Enjoy this day!



  1. I always love all of the pictures you post. :) Your shop looks so awesome.


Dear friends, I love hearing from each and every one of you. I will always do my best to respond and to keep up with your blogs as well. xoxo Lynn