Monday, January 11, 2016

Having Children is for the Young (at Heart)

Dear Peeps,

First of all, if anyone cruises by because of the title, I am all for a 50-something person having a baby. Heck, I have thought about myself, but after keeping my grandsons Friday night so their parents could get out for a much-needed dinner alone, I remember the energy it takes to keep up with young kids.

Not sure how many times they tried on my reading glasses or how many pictures we took. Over the course of four hours we did a lot. I am not complaining because I actually rarely see them. My son works full time (and sometimes an additional part time job) and my daughter-in-law is a stay-at-home mom who keeps an immaculate house, so they definitely have their family thing going on. I try to stay involved while maintaining my own life and letting them maintain their own lives.

We read books. We watched the first 15 minutes of one movie about four times. We played with tinker toys. We tried on reading glasses. We ate dinner. We played hide and seek in a way that I am not used to. (You go ahead and tell the seeker where you will be hiding.) We ate dinner. And the list goes on.

When the parents returned home from a relaxing dinner and with some weekly groceries, you'd think they all hadn't seen each other in weeks! But I remember that sweet feeling of opening the door after a rare night out and soaking up my babies' faces all over again. Ahhh. Young motherhood. Speaking of which, my daughter-in-law looks great to be expecting a daughter in just four weeks. She has been faithful in working out the whole pregnancy.

Just had to giggle when he told me he was a genius. What a fun night.

In other news I recently found this beautiful solid wood lamp base. It is awesome!

And this antique (what is left of it) scale. It makes a great jewelry holder.

Finally, outfit of the day includes one of my altered linen jackets and a striped linen skirt.

Guess what?

Enjoy this day.



  1. Awww Lynn!! Sweet grand babies! I know you are in love!! Love you sweet cousin and I am so happy for you!

  2. No wonder you were tired yesterday. Looks like the boys had fun. They are so cute. I love your linen outfit! Love you Lynn! Mom

    1. Mama, those boys remind me of mine when they were little!! Love you! Lynn

  3. I had my Grandson for the weekend and am now exhausted, they certainly bring us so much joy don't they. Another Grand baby such a delight, congratulations.

  4. I am enjoying your blog. I always love the pictures.....your kids are cute and grandkids are really cute! Congrats on a new grandbaby girl coming your way soon. Hope all goes well. She has a pretty Mama! You have such a cute little shoppe ....hope it does well for you!

    1. Diane, thank you! Yes, I agree about my daughter-in-law. She is very pretty. Thanks again! Lynn


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