Friday, February 5, 2016

Baby Addie is Here

Dear Peeps,

Finally, finally, Addie is here! What a little sweetie! Or big sweetie maybe!

She entered the world today at 5:39 p.m., weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces. Whew. I am so thankful she is here safely and that she and mama are okay.

I LOVE the photo where Addie is first handed to her mommy. So sweet. Look at those hands. Perfect little fingers! Thanks for your recent comments about her, wondering how things were going. Today I have had my hands full watching these two little ones...

Addie's brother and half-brother. I cannot begin to tell you all we did today. We played on a "ship" (the climbing structure at the playground) until it exploded. Little brother and I had to run while the poor captain (big brother) stayed behind on the troubled ship. Big brother ended up blowing up and floating in the water but Baby brother and I screamed out, "Oh no!!!! The Captain!!" Well, I screamed. Baby brother just ran along holding my hand and wondering what we were doing. But suddenly the captain was back to life. (This adventure took place under the close direction of big brother, and believe me, we had to play out that last scene several times to get it right.)

We blew bubbles. We ate at McDonald's. We watched movies. We went to Dollar Tree. I am exhausted.

Switching gears, I recently walked through Pottery Barn and admired all of the springy and Easter-inspired home decor and kitchenware. Enjoy.

Enjoy this day!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hunter Gatherer Vest -- Altered Couture

Dear Friends,

Today I wanted to share a vest that I finished recently. I love the base article of clothing because of its color. It felt to me like a hunting vest. Here it is now with different buttons, and patch after patch of beautiful floral and other fabrics sewn over the vest. I love the skull pocket. I love all the flowers.

This vest has a lot of my thoughts and love stitched into it.

Enjoy this day.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It Could Be Winds-day

Lots of Wednesdays I picture Piglet riding off into the sky, holding on to the end of a piece of yarn from a quickly unraveling scarf.

Maybe I should have used colored pencils. Then again, my brain is still in black and white mode at this time of the day. I am only half way through my morning coffee.

Also in black and white is this awesome George Harrison T-shirt that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I ordered it from Amazon with a gift card I earned recently from my insurance program. It is a great T shirt! I am happy with the quality from this company on Amazon.

That is an affiliate link, by the way.

Now for something really spectacular.

Another unbelievable photo from my stash. I would LOVE to know the story behind this. I have no idea when it was taken. I am planning to have an antiques dealer friend near the shop take a look at it for me. I will be sure and share what I find out. It amazes me how everyone in the photo seems to be doing their own thing. I love the details in this. And it is in very good shape. Here are some close-ups that hopefully are clear.

I must run for now. I have an appointment looming on the horizon.

Enjoy this day!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Relic-ing" A Guitar

Dear Friends,

I am tired this evening. I hate to start a post with a complaint, but there you have it. I have missed some sleep lately and I am certainly the kind of girl who needs 8 hours a night. If I don't get it, I feel it. As I have gotten older I find that I am sometimes okay with 7 hours but under 7 and I turn into Evil-lyn.

About the post title, maybe some of you will remember when I got the Fender two years ago and started playing. Well, that Fender is a very introductory not-expensive guitar and it had been damaged and repaired at some point. I love the guitar and won't part with it, but it does not sound as good as something a little nicer. These days I play only my (Jason's) Martin. I love that guitar. Yes. It was with wild abandon that I set about this afternoon distressing the Fender.

Peeps, I would NEVER do this to a new guitar. The fact that the Fender has some structural issues made me feel very comfortable with messing around with it. I am not done yet but maybe you can see a bit of the pink vibe I am going for. Speaking of guitar, I need to do my two year progress video soon. Has it really been two years! I cannot figure out how to embed a video with the iPad but here is the link to the one-year mark.

year 1 progress video

I need to practice more! I feel I should be so much further along than I am but I am not going to stop. I guess I will figure out something to play and do the two-year video soon.

In other news, I wanted to share a picture of Greyson watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. (Love that show!)

He reminds me so much of his dad and yet Joe was not this stocky at this age. He was maybe taller but definitely thinner. It could be that Greyson is just as tall as Joesph was at this age. It is hard to tell due to the weight. Anyway, Joseph is the biggest of my three boys, er uh, men. It will be interesting to see how Greyson grows.

Now, my other boy, Vlad, is pretty big too. He weighed in at 16 pounds last week. Goodness. I call this shot of Vlad "Put Me Down." Vlad's sister Lucy weighed in at 12.2, so she is no featherweight.

She is a pretty girl.

Finally, I wanted to share another recently scanned photo. Look at her collar and the cross and the flower pinned onto her blouse. I would love to see the whole outfit. Again, I wish I had more info.

I am off to practice a bit and then to bed.

Enjoy this day.


What Were Their Names?

Dear Peeps,

Today (Saturday) was a nice day at the shop, even if it was slower today than I'd like. But that is the way of retail, peeps. Anyway, it is my own little personal railroad caboose tiny cottage-like structure! So no worries. I just sew and create and scan.

I scanned a lot more old photos today. These photos are just amazing to me. In this day of constant selfies, there is something very poignant about these photos where the subject and photographer basically had one shot to get it right. No checking and deleting. No filters to change things up instantly on a monitor. I mean, I am learning that skill was a huge factor with old photos, so it is not like there was nothing planned or technical involved, but there is just so much life packed in these photos. It is like the person's life carried him slam up against a photo op and then he had to hurry up and get on with real life.

I surely wish there was something written on the back of these two photos, but alas there was not. Makes me want to write on all my own photos so when we are long gone someone will know the names of me and my babies. I wonder. Are they all siblings? Cousins together on a Sunday? Friends?

And then...

this picture I just instantly fell in love with. It was so faint, I could hardly make out the faces. Then I scanned it. Then I used a filter to enhance the colors and contrast, etc. Suddenly, there were faces.

Look at the smiles, the clothes, the friendship. And they are gone. Silent, somewhere. And we don't know their names. But God knows.

I must get to sleep. Enjoy this day.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Wait Is Still On For Baby

Baby, oh baby, I am tired. We had another "false alarm" last night but it was not really false. The baby is engaged. There are real contractions doing real work. But not quite to the point where they keep you. You know, not like 4 or 5 cm yet. So everyone is waiting it out at home again. But it cannot be long!

My little sweetie Greyson woke up to an empty house except for me. I think he was confused. He started crying. He loves the movie Frozen. So guess what we were doing at midnight?

Yep. I did what I had to do. Not gonna let that baby cry And cry. No no. Grandma is gonna watch Frozen.

I figured he'd get used to the fact that he was with me, accept it and fall asleep. That is exactly what he did. Sweet baby. He loves the music in Frozen. He will watch and watch and watch.

So I am just really beat today. Slept in Greyson's room on the small bed next to his crib but I woke up at every sound. Got extra close to make sure he was okay at times he was sound asleep. Stood there staring at him. He is like a replica of his dad.

In other news wanted to share some shop photos.

Felted purse. Old papers. Bracelet.

Party dresses.

And I wanted to show you too the most recent bag I made. It is from some coffee fabric curtains!! I love it!!

I will hopefully post new baby pictures soon.

Enjoy this day!