Friday, August 5, 2016

Marie Corinne Streck

I really hope that someone researching the Streck family comes across this photograph. Look at the curls! And that sweet inquisitive face! On the back of the photo it is written three years five months. photographer is Rojas & Conner at 1007 Canal Street in New Orleans.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Way Cool Hat

One of the things I love most about the shop and selling vintage clothes and hats is meeting the customers. Yesterday I met a very fun person, someone whose boyfriend is a musician, and we hit it off immediately in our feelings about how clothes add to a gig or performance. The dressing up can totally affect how you feel about playing. Anyway, it was while she was in the shop and we were talking clothes that I made the decision to go ahead and pull this hat from the shelf to keep for myself. It is just amazing the way it fits and sits. Yep, I said that. I will wear it out when the weather gets cooler.

This hat is just talking to me right now. And I gotta listen. ;)

Enjoy this day!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pretty Old Bracelet

Pretty little things make me happy. I have never been a big jewelry wearer. I wore a wedding ring when I was married. But bracelets and necklaces not so much. That said, I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with jewelry. I guess my reasoning was always to be modestly adorned or to try and just be adorned with a beautiful spirit. That said, I do love vintage things. Found this the other day. It is in the shop. I may have to wear it once or twice before it sells! You know, to test it out.
Enjoy this day. Lynn

Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage Flapper and Coin Purses

Good morning!

I just had to share a gorgeous collection of purses I acquired yesterday. They are so lovely!! I was not planning to buy anymore for the shop for a couple of weeks as it is full to the brim with treasures, but who could say no??

Top left is a flapper purse that hangs over the belt. It is made a bit like a sock on each end, with an opening in the fabric to drop coins in. It is closed by pulling the rings down.

Top right is vintage rhinestone purse from Czecho-Slovakia.

Bottom left is a penny purse that pins to clothing.

Top left handmade beaded purse Belgium.

Bottom center sterling.

Bottom right 1920s Mandalian mesh purse.

Top center metal mesh purse with 1911 engraved in front.

Bottom center Whiting and Davis mesh purse.

Top left is a souvenir coin purse with Pittsburgh Expo painted on back.

Are they not beautiful!?

Enjoy The is day!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lydia Corinne Handmade Clay Art Doll

My dear friends,

I just had to share. A delightful beautiful customer (with long gorgeous hair, I might add) purchased one of my handmade clay dolls. She sent the sweetest note and photo of Lydia in her new home. And she gave me permission to share!

Hi Lynn, Hope you are doing well. Thought you might enjoy seeing Lydia Corinne in her new home. Her feet cushioned on a bit of moss, and with her hat and parasol beside her, Lydia Corinne takes a break from herb gathering and rests on her woodland bench. A dove coos nearby; a well is at hand for a refreshing drink of water, and her rabbit friend sits up on his haunches, hopeful of something green to nibble. So much fun to put this together from things in my collection which needed a more permanent home! Enjoy! Feel free to post if you want. All the very best, Virginia

Enjoy this day! (And follow your passion!)


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Potatoes. Yum.

Dear peeps,

How else to title this post?

I know the drill about white potatoes. But boy do I know how I love cooked potatoes sliced thin and browned in an iron skillet in olive oil with some camp seasoning. Yes ma'am.

Some of you might remember this picture from my lost blog. My feet as I walk through the garden. I love this photo.

Jason and I took our guitars to see a friend in the hospital. We played a few songs for him. It was good to make him smile. He is a dear friend of ours who had a stroke, was working to recover, and then almost exactly a year after the stroke he fell and broke his hip and femur. My heart just breaks for those who are sick and suffering. There is so much more that I can and should do for others.

Well I gotta go eat my potatoes. Was just waiting for the chicken to get ready!

Enjoy this day!