Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Friends, After over a year of not having a computer and struggling with using blogger on an iPad, I am now rebuilding with hosting and Wordpress. Can anyone say "LOVE IT!" Oh, I do. I am a major Wordpress fan. Anyway, please join me at for regular and growing adventures. There will be articles, photo galleries, fashion posts, and more! Enjoy this day. Lynn

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Guitar Update -- about 2-1/2 years

My dear peeps, Here I come, dragging up to the blog late. I always get sidetracked, which is the name of my little shop, by the way. No shock there! I just love being busy, and busy I stay. I enjoy my job. So it seems my days go round and round, the same, day after day, but in a good way. Coffee to start the day, which is my drug of choice. Love coffee. Yes I do. Insert favorite coffee cup here -------->

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I bought this heavy, oversized mug awhile back. I have never found another like it. Wish I could! It has been my favorite since the day I laid eyes on it.

But back to the days. Wake up. Coffee. Work. Day ends. Plan for Saturday at the shop, eat dinner, walk, craft, practice guitar (ouch, I need to do so much more of this), laugh, cry sometimes, make jewelry, shop, chores. Fall into bed. Repeat.

I put a video up on YouTube of my semi sort-of two year mark. It has really been about 2-1/2 years, but I am going to dig my heels in and really work and then hopefully wow you with an awesome 3-year video! Jason and I did this in the dining room, his dining room, and it is most informal and low key. As you will see, LIVE FROM THE DINING ROOM. We just uploaded it and are noticing just how low-res it is, so we may do a different version, but we shall see. This is the song I wrote about prescription drugs called Chemical Vessel.

I wish I could embed the video here but I am on my iPad right now and all I can do is supply a link. Looking forward to your feedback! I know you will love Jason's playing!

XOXO Enjoy this day. (And hopefully the video.)

Chemical Vessel

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fashion Post and a Thought

This is an Instagram post from today. Fashion post. I still love lace. I still love Steve Madden boots. Some things never change. Actually the dress was a little short so I added more lace trim.

In other news, live in the moment. I have not been eating the best for me lately. Too much late-night ice cream. Too many days where I don't get enough clean pure water. The thought is I soon have to do better. But that always leaves a door open for me to keep being bad for a little bit longer. And I often am bad for a little bit longer. And it can apply to so many things!! If I truly live in the moment and heed the things I want for myself, in the moment, I will become who I want to be.

#liveinthemoment #skeletonkey #keyjewelry

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Awww. Angel the Visitor

Look who popped into the shop Saturday!!

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What a little angel this sweet dog is! And she was named Angel because she was discovered in the road, in not the best of shape, and rescued by a woman who had just lost her pet poodle of many years. She said this little dog felt like an angel to comfort her grieving spirit. Angel is always dressed up, has many outfits and even a stroller that she gets pushed around in.

Enjoy this day!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Acrylic Painting Faces, Daughter Growing Up, Photo Editing Fun

I will dive right in.  My girl has grown up!  Oh how I remember the sweet homeschool days and how my princess helped with the children younger than herself.

michaela FIAR homeschool

Fast forward to our recent beach trip.

michaela and mom 2016

My sweet girl is still my princess, but she has grown up! She is ever fun-loving, ever fun, and I love her so much! She is my heart. I cannot even put into words the emotions that have been involved in getting us from her wonderful birth to where we are today. We have walked some rough places together, but here we are! How did I get such a firecracker of a girl! Oh yes. I am her mom.

Now, not much to say about the following photos individually. I just wanted to share with you some of the most recent awesome vintage hats I've acquired for the shop!

 red vintage Henry Pollak

The red hat is a vintage Henry Pollack of New York (Glenover vintage hat).

 Vintage golf hat

How about a vintage Crosby golf hat!

And it's fake, the best way to have it, but how about a coon skin cap?

coon skin cap

And be still my heart! This next hat was gorgeous! I knew it would not last long. And it didn't!

 lovely pink hat

In other news, I often scan photos before I sell them. My first thought is that I might put information on line and connect families to their ancestors. However, as is the case with this photo, sometimes there is no real information to record. Just faces. Are they not sweet? This photo sold to a local doll artist. "For inspiration," she cheerfully told me. I know the photo is in good hands.

vintage children

If you are bored to tears at this point you may click away, but I wanted to show you a recent painting if you are up for it.  It is so cool, to me, to look back at versions of paintings.  I think a canvas will sort of unfold as it should once you get the basic thought on there.  Or even just the color of paint that is talking to you!  I started with a girl's face.

caged early

Looking back, maybe there is more life in the rougher draft than the final cut! I don't know. There is indeed life in her face, but not enough, in my opinion. And her eyes looks a little off. I kept painting. Finally, either I just had enough or she declared herself done, and I found a really cool frame to put her in. I call her CAGED, because there is something very sad and oppressed about her.

Do names for her come to mind? Do you see a different person in the first photo than in the second one? 
 caged finished

That's all for now! Thank you for bearing with me! Thanks for visiting!
Enjoy this day!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Converted Evening Gown to Prom Dress or Steampunk Gown

Dear Dress Lovers,

Recently I had an idea.  I saw a long, plain, black evening gown for a few dollars.  The skirt on the dress was just straight, but had some fullness, and it was a nice satiny material.  As-is it was, uh, boring, but it had good "bones," so to speak, especially the way the top laced up in the back, giving it a corseted look.  I bought it. 

When I got it home, I worked on the lower part of the gown, tucking and stitching in various places to give this full, gathered-up look.  The dress had some netting that was torn in several places and had come loose on one side.  First I mended all the holes.  Hey!  A stitched-up look is only more goth!  I reattached the loose side of netting.  It was okay, but it looked too intact.  Too neat.  So I picked up the scissors, held my breath, and began cutting.  I sliced up through the netting from bottom to top in several places.  I trimmed pieces that looked too long.  Ahh, now this time it was perfect to me!  

Jason was kind enough to take some pictures for me to use for the store and ads.  So here are a few of the photos.  We both have several photo editing programs that we use to get various effects.

I hope to one day design an album cover.  He is helping me with a CD of my original songs, but that is another post for another time.  And actually it is HIS music that needs to be out there for the world to hear!


Photo editor used to make the netting a glorious purple but give the rest a black and white look.


A meme!



You have seen this one already...


I love this one!


I love that you can see part of the yard that I have been playing in. We call it Lynnwood. The huge group of mushrooms came from The Scrap Exchange. Love it! I will share soon about how I want to do the yard. I love the trees and how it feels like a magical forest. Reminds me of where I grew up!


That is all for now.  I do expect to do more of these dresses.  I am ALWAYS shopping for the shop.  I scout around.  I am a picker.  I look for what has the vibe of my shop.  People have heard of me now and they bring me things to buy or to have for the shop.  People cleaning out estates have heard of me.   They bring me lots to offer a price on.  Oh, the joy of buying 100 pieces at a time and sitting in the shop going through it all!

I have performers coming in, and I try to buy what I would want to wear if I worked in front of people.  I love modest things, but I love edgy things.  I think these converted gowns would make awesome prom dresses.  They are fun and attractive but not too revealing.  I just know that I am doing what I love, what truly makes my heart sing.  Add to that our music, and I am very fulfilled right now.  I have to work on continuing to heal.  A quarter of a century is a lot to let go of.  I am learning to keep very close to me the things that were beautiful, and to love myself for being strong enough to leave and build a new life.

Enjoy this day!