Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fashion Post and a Thought

This is an Instagram post from today. Fashion post. I still love lace. I still love Steve Madden boots. Some things never change. Actually the dress was a little short so I added more lace trim.

In other news, live in the moment. I have not been eating the best for me lately. Too much late-night ice cream. Too many days where I don't get enough clean pure water. The thought is I soon have to do better. But that always leaves a door open for me to keep being bad for a little bit longer. And I often am bad for a little bit longer. And it can apply to so many things!! If I truly live in the moment and heed the things I want for myself, in the moment, I will become who I want to be.

#liveinthemoment #skeletonkey #keyjewelry

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  1. Love your dress Lynn and I love old keys, too. Yes, we need to live in the moment because it is all we really have.

  2. Beautiful dress, I love the addition of the lace.

  3. Look at you twirling!! I love the dress! The added lace makes it even prettier. Live in the moment, I need to remember that too. Love you Lynn. Mom

  4. Thank you so much! I know I am very late getting back to the party. Life is busy.


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