Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas at Sidetracked

Dear Friends,

Just dropping in to share some photos from the shop right now.

Actually, the old transferware dish sold this afternoon. I loved that piece. I would have loved knowing exactly how old it was. To my mind, it sold to the most unlikely customer! A couple of men on motorcycles stopped by on their journey to Virginia (imagine riding in this cold weather!). They were both bulky with outerwear. One of them went to his motorcycle and came back with a trumpet. He serenaded the caboose with "White Christmas" and I sang the words I knew. After the song, they shopped. I wrapped the dish up snuggly for the ride.

Peeps, I highly suggest you open your own stores for these kinds of unpredictable events.

Mama, I know you would love this enamelware coffee pot!

The deer piece had such a lovely silhouette and yet the colors were not right. It looked chintzy. Enter spray paint. Kerpow!

There are quite a few pieceS of my altered couture in the shop now. I especially enjoy making bags. I like to just start with scraps of fabric that appeal to me and see what happens! I just made a new bag the other day that I need to get photos of. Folks, the countdown to Christmas is really here. Not many more shopping days, but I can see this most recent bag selling. I have also made over a dozen brooches for Christmas and to fill special orders. Those are curing as I type. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season! Enjoy this day! xoxo Lynn


  1. Hi Lynn! I am enjoying your pictures. Your shop looks so pretty and bright. The blouses are lovely! And what a smart thing to do, paint the deer white! You have an eye for beauty. Yes that young man does resemble your son. Well I think this new blog gives you a fresh start! Merry Christmas! Andrea

    1. Hi! Andrea! So glad you stopped in. I will be over to check out your recipe blog! I hope you are doing well!! xoxo Lynn

  2. Hello Lynn, the scope looks wonderful, and I can tell that you are having a great time as the impresario! The young man does resemble your son, and he also looks like my nephew, Kurt! For a fellow who carries a kitten in his jacket, I am sure that he has a gentle soul. I'm taking a moment way from send out my Christmas cards to peek at your blog, but better get back to work! Merry Merry!

    1. Pam, thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! xoxoxo Lynn


Dear friends, I love hearing from each and every one of you. I will always do my best to respond and to keep up with your blogs as well. xoxo Lynn