Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Potatoes. Yum.

Dear peeps,

How else to title this post?

I know the drill about white potatoes. But boy do I know how I love cooked potatoes sliced thin and browned in an iron skillet in olive oil with some camp seasoning. Yes ma'am.

Some of you might remember this picture from my lost blog. My feet as I walk through the garden. I love this photo.

Jason and I took our guitars to see a friend in the hospital. We played a few songs for him. It was good to make him smile. He is a dear friend of ours who had a stroke, was working to recover, and then almost exactly a year after the stroke he fell and broke his hip and femur. My heart just breaks for those who are sick and suffering. There is so much more that I can and should do for others.

Well I gotta go eat my potatoes. Was just waiting for the chicken to get ready!

Enjoy this day!



  1. How lovely to play for a sick friend. Those potatoes really do look amazing...

  2. I could live on simple foods like that! That, and onions and eggs; either mixed together or separate....that is what I'd have to have on hand. So nice of you do to that for a friend! And you look lovely! Andrea

  3. There are lots of times I'd like to chuck the drill about any given thing out the window ;)


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