Thursday, February 11, 2016


Good morning!

It has taken me a few days, but I am starting to feel rested again and back to normal after my big weekend with the grandkids. My son and his sweet family are settling in to a new routine with the new baby. She got her first bath after she came home, the old traditional idea of babies needing to be bathed right after birth being no longer the right thing to do.

And then she smiled.

How sweet!! Oh my is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby?!

In other news, there are touches of pink all around the shop in preparation for Valentine's Day. I had considered making a bunch of vintage-looking Valentine cards for the occasion, but that never panned out.

I have added several stacks of vintage linens lately. And I am currently working on a schedule of sales for my shop. The first Saturday of every month will be the Sidetracked Sidewalk Sale. This will help me keep my clothing seasonally current and will keep the shop from turning into a clutter-fest.

Finally, Mars did a big interview recently, focused on local Meowfia activities. That is all I can say about it. He was very brave to step out like that and give his opurrnions.

Enjoy this day!

Sandra Lynn the Big Fat Hen (my nickname in elementary school because I was so thin)


  1. Beautiful baby! It is a very special time, these early days....babies are more angel-like than human, in a way, as they seem so creation! Mars looks like he has an attitude! Andrea

  2. Yes indeed, nothing sweeter than a newborn babe! Oh, so precious. I was a bit late getting around to decorating for Valentine's Day, I'm still not in the swing of things.
    I want to come to your sidewalk sale!

  3. Oh Lynn! That sweet little smile. She is so pretty! I love you.

  4. What a cutie and smiling/gassy already! Fun to have a new baby in the family! :)

  5. Andrea, I agree!! Thank you! And Mars has an attitude for sure! ;)

    Laurie, I so wish you could come to the sidewalk sale!!! I was late decorating for the day as well. Always the way I am. I must get better about it now that I have a shop!

    Mama, she is so sweet!!! Love you!

    Far side, thanks. Yes!!



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